Developing an EMR Innovative Digital Twin Training Program

What WP2 and WP3 are all about !

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Whether you are a student, a worker, a CEO, or unemployed:

Workpackage 2 and Workpackage 3 are for you !


Because all you need to know about the Digital Twin is here!

By going through our training program, taking you from zero to hero! 😉


Work package 2

In Workpackage 2, we give you a complete overview of Digital Twins from different points of perspective! Our partners have developed an innovative program (40h of learning material) on the Digital Twin using new learning approaches like Mooc, Spoc, webinars, live-conference, and virtual classrooms to create a unique learning experience.


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Work package 3

In Workpackage 3, you will get all the digital training on specific Digital Twin use cases: 40h of learning!

We propose real problem-based learning that will take your knowledge and skills on the Digital Twin to the superhero level based on the results of Workpackage 4.

In the modules, the partners analyze their use cases regarding :


The initial project state

Reasons for their Digital Twin application


The planned outcome

Type of Digital Twin


The current results of the project

Lessons learned


This way, we create a close linkage between theory and application of Digital Twins learning from real-world cases.

At the end of the training program, you’ll have the basic knowledge of what a Digital Twin is about (Workpackage 2) and a toolbox filled with competencies (Workpackage 3). Thus, you are ready to start working on Digital Twins!

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Work package 2&3 leader
Work package 2&3 leader

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