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The current site uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is saved by your browser and which enables information exchanged between web pages and browsing sessions to be retained. We use cookies generated and used by the current site (first party cookies) and cookies generated by third parties (third party cookies, eg Google). Cookies allow us to remember any information if you insert it into the system. Cookies can only memorize text, this text is always anonymous and most often encoded.

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the websites you visit in order to allow possible future use of the data on the site. The site transfers information between pages and also analyzes interaction with the site. Cookies are secure; they can only store information that has been placed there by the browser, that is, information that the user has entered into the browser. Cookies cannot be executed as code, nor can they be used to access your computer. When a website encodes information in the cookie, only that site can read that information. There are two kinds of cookies: the session cookie and the permanent cookie. Session cookies contain information that is used as part of your current browsing session. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Apart from the times you are on the site in question, nothing is saved. Permanent cookies are used to obtain information between different visits to websites. This data allows sites to recognize you as a repeat customer and react accordingly. Permanent cookies have a lifespan which is determined by the website, this can vary from a few minutes to several years.

Cookies are used to remember your session data during the rest of the process on the site, they check if you are logged in. They are used to display relevant products while visiting the site. For traffic measurements (Web Analytics), we work with Google. Web Analytics type cookies are used to identify new users and repeat users of the site. The information stored in the cookie allows Google to know which pages, products and services you have visited. The information recorded is used to establish statistics on the number of visitors, unique visits, recurring visits, etc. These cookies therefore allow us to track the interaction with the customer within the site and provide valuable information to improve the site and the products and services offered.

The session cookies that we save contain, among other things, data used by the server, and possibly other information stored if you have chosen this option by checking “remember me”. Google saves session cookies and permanent cookies. These cookies do not contain personal data. Deleting or disabling these cookies does not affect your experience or the functionality of the site.

In all browsers, you can indicate in the settings or options to what extent you accept cookies. If you cannot find the settings, consult the help function of your browser. Your browser allows you to display delete cookies that are currently on your computer. If you deactivate your cookies, you will no longer be able to consult the content of the secure pages of the site and you will therefore no longer be able to consult any offers. Disabling cookies also affects your session management, but will not prevent the Analytics code from identifying your visit to the site.

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