The Digital Twin in Material Science : From Massalski to MICRESS and beyond- history, status and perspectives of ICME- by NMWP

4 November 2021
Date & Time
4 November 2021
10:00 am


The development of computer power and simulation methods has led to enormous progress in recent decades. Simulation models are increasingly used for materials and process development; a large number of simulation tools are now available. Today, they describe phenomena on all time and length scales relevant for materials and can often be run on a standard laptop even for complex simulations. Currently, these software solutions have reached a level in their respective fields that enables valuable contributions to modern design tasks in knowledge-based production models. However, the complex interplay of atomistic processes, thermodynamics, process conditions, microstructure development, material and component properties only becomes describable by combining different simulation tools within an “Integrated Computational Materials Engineering” (ICME) approach.

In his Innovation2Go presentation, Georg J. Schmitz, Senior Scientist at ACCESS e.V., gives an overview of the advantages and potentials of ICME.


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16.00 h: Georg J. Schmitz, Senior Scientist at ACCESS e.V


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