The Digital Twin in Industrial Value Chains – Opportunities and Hurdles by NMWP

23 September 2021
Date & Time
23 September 2021
4:00 pm


The digital networking of people, machines, value chains and products as part of Industry 4.0 is already in full swing. One of the key technologies for this is digital twins, which can be used to map the entire life cycle of a product along the value chain. Whether time and cost savings in plant construction or through predictive maintenance: Digital twins can revolutionize production in the future. The Digital Capability Center (DCC) of the ITA Academy in Aachen supports companies in the implementation of Industrie 4.0 solutions. In the Model Factory 4.0, the DCC develops digital solutions for production and imparts expertise for implementation in their own companies. In her web talk, Nicolina Praß, Managing Director of the ITA Academy, gives an overview of the use and benefits of a digital twin in production as well as the challenges in industry and gives a live demonstration on the model factory of the DCC.


Timetable : 16.00 h: Nicolina Praß, Managing Director of the ITA Academy

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