The digital twin for material and process design in lightweight construction- By NMWP

25 November 2021
Date & Time
25 November 2021
4:00 pm


The potential of digital twins is still largely untapped for cross-value chain and material-triggered process control. This also applies to plastic-based composite structures. The work at Fraunhofer SCAI is aimed at the overarching and holistic consideration of all sub-process steps from semi-finished product to component manufacture. Relevant material, process and component characteristics (including fiber orientation, pore content, degree of consolidation, temperature, pressure, etc.) are to be measured, recorded and virtually modeled and analyzed in a digital twin, if possible at local resolution throughout the entire real value chain. The challenge lies in the material- and process-related intelligent acquisition of the sensor data and their linkage with the continuous simulation chain within the framework of the digital twin.

In his web talk, Klaus Wolf will give an overview of the digital twin for lightweight construction.


Timetable :16.00 h: Klaus Wolf, head of the Multiphysics Business Unit at the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI


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