The Digital Twin as a Productivity Booster and Enabler for Digital Supply Chains at WKW Automotive – by NMWP

16 December 2021
Date & Time
16 December 2021
from 4 PM to 5 PM


In the Innovation2GO 4DigitalTwins WebTalk, two speakers present the great potential of the Digital Twin as a “productivity booster” and important enabler for Digital Supply Chains at WKW Automotive:  Stefan Hackländer as Innovation Manager for Digitalization and Global Startup Collaboration at, a globally positioned, medium-sized New Mobility Supplier, and Bernhard Rohe as managing director of ViewSystems GmbH, a software company with decades of experience in implementing digital solutions.

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4 PM : Talk & Discussion with Stefan Hackländer, Innovation Manager at, and Bernhard Rohe, Managing Director at Viewsystems GmbH.

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