Digital Twin Academy Project

Considered one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0, digital twins are the ultimate step in digitization creating a virtual representation of a real entity and organizing an exchange iterative loop between digital and real world. They integrate the whole life cycle of products, machines, production lines or even entire companies and this technology focus on different aspects such as the conception, production,  customer service, logistics, maintenance, etc…

Within the next few years, the use of digital twin technologies will rocket and truly change the way we conduct innovation, research and development, conception, prototyping, production, integration, maintenance, IOT and data management, customer services, logistics, etc. Therefore it affects all companies regardless of their size or sector of activities.

This observation led universities, higher education institutions, research centres, and innovative companies to come together and design the “Digital Twin Academy” project.

With this digital twin Academy concept , we build an ecosystem that breaks down the barriers between seminars/colloquiums, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, lifelong learning courses, fundamental research and applied research concerning digital twins.

The success of this project will come from two key factors ; on one hand to test digital twin in real business environment and learn about it and on the other hand to elevate the general level of knowledge and expertise of Euregio regarding digital twins.

Under construction

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