The EMR-Digital Twin Academy comes to life

All 21 Basic Learning Modules will be released on September 20th

You want to learn more about the topic of Digital Twin?

Maybe you have heard about the industry 4.0 but you’re not sure what it is, how it impacts technology and life in 2022?

You’re a student, a worker (blue collar or white collar), or unemployed and you want to learn online for free? At your own pace? At home on your computer or smartphone?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we have good news:

A Digital Twin catalogue of learning modules has been created by the Interreg European program. It gathers all the expertise on the topic in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine area: from universities, higher education schools, vocational teaching to company expertise, all available on an online learning platform.

E-Learning or home study concept. Graduation cap on computer keyboard on wooden desk

The learning modules are centered on basic knowledge about the Digital Twin. They offer high quality learning material on different subjects (Industry 4.0 and RAMI, Asset administration shell, standardization, the use of CAD softwares in Twin conception, etc.) to provide you with a solid knowledge on the topic.

You will also get a full overview on how to create a Digital Twin through the modules that will demonstrate the machining and commissioning phases virtually.

On top of that, the experts of the Euregio shared crucial information on the topic through interviews: how to use the Digital Twin is explained by students working on projects and by companies implementing the technology.

Want to know more or start learning? Click on this link to access the platform:

As a final note: if you have experience and knowledge on the Digital Twin topic, stay tuned! The advanced learning modules will be available by August 2023 on the platform. These advanced modules are being designed to offer you a profound approach of the secrets of the Digital Twin.

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