The Digital Twin in the Pharmaceutical Industry  – Patient Safety by Product Tracking- By NMWP

31 March 2022
Date & Time
31 March 2022
4:00 pm


The Digital Twin is in daily use in the pharmaceutical industry, in quality control, production and pharmacy. Meanwhile, the technology helps fighting medicine fraud on a global scale. Driven by worldwide legislation – including EU, US, Russia or Saudi Arabia – patient safety is increased and supply chains are protected. For example, using unique codes and the data linked to them the traceability of a single drug package can be ensured throughout the entire supply chain. Similar efforts are planned in other industries.  This webinar will focus on the following questions:

– How is the Digital Twin being used in the pharmaceutical industry?

– What are the differences in the various regulations?

– What are the benefits of product tracking for patients?

– What have we learned from years of practice with the Digital Twin in the pharmaceutical industry and is it a model for other industries?

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