European Cooperation Day 2021 in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

On Tuesday, September 21, we had the pleasure to bring you all on a journey for the European Cooperation Day 2021. On this day, we celebrate all the amazing outcomes we can achieve when we work together across borders. To commemorate this day in 2021, we went on a virtual trip and visited some of our projects in the area.  

From Wallonia, we had Francois Strykers from Jobs@Skills join us and put into simple terms what the project EMR Digital Twin Academy is planning to achieve in the upcoming years. He made his way to Maastricht to explain what exactly a digital twin is and how the cross-border project is going to use this technology to create new professions and businesses in our programme area. Apart from this, Francois also shared some hands-on experience of what it is like to work across borders and with different cultural backgrounds.”

Source : Euregio Meuse-Rhine website

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