Digital Twin Model to optimise Milling Processes – by Sirris

14 December 2022
Date & Time
14 December 2022
from 11:30 to 12:30


Although many working methods and calculation models are available to help design an optimal machining process, many calculation models have – wholly or partly – fallen into disuse.

We are changing that with our ‘model-based machining’ platform, which makes these calculation models freely available. This time, we are launching various models that help you design a good milling process.

The platform offers both the old, trusted models and the latest academic developments as practice-oriented applications. In the next update of the platform, we will launch several models for optimizing a milling process: using the cutting force profile to ensure a more stable operation, identifying cutting areas, balancing feed, cutting width and depth and a color matrix in which dozens of machining conditions are calculated and their performance is represented in colour.


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